15. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

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15. verdenskonferanse
Om konferansen
Arrangør: International Bureau
Sted: Niagara Falls, Ontario
Land: Flagg Canada 1921 1957.png Canada
Deltagertall: 44 nasjoner
Dato 28.31. august 1955 [1]
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15. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

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44 nasjoner.

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Saker og resolusjoner

Det ble vedtatt følgende resolusjoner under 15. verdenskonferanse i WOSM, opplysninger fra nettstedet til WOSM, scout.org:

  • 1955-01 Bureau ReportThe report of the Boy Scouts International Bureau submitted to the Conference by Major General Spry covers the period of his first two years of office. The Conference wishes to compliment the Director on the vigorous effectiveness of his leadership and accepts his report with great satisfaction. The Conference expresses its lively appreciation of the service which the International Bureau continues to render to world Scouting and expresses its cordial appreciation of the work and inspiration provided by MM. R.T. Lund, P.A. Siebold, L.F. Jarrett and all members of staff. The Conference especially welcomes the appointment of Mr. Lund as Deputy Director of the Bureau. The Conference wishes to make special note of the unique service rendered by Ing. Salvador Fernandez, the Bureau Travelling Commissioner in Latin America. The Conference warmly welcomes the excellent report presented by Sr. Fernandez on behalf of the Inter-American Advisory Committee, on the energetic efforts being made for the development of Scouting in the Latin American region and the splendid results being achieved. The organisation of the International Bureau and its plans for the future are accepted by the Conference with enthusiasm. The Conference considers that the plans of the Bureau offer a brilliant future in promoting the International Scout Movement.
  • 1955-02 Constitution AmendmentsIn accordance with Article IX of the Constitution, the Conference has approved certain amendments thereto and resolves that these amendments be incorporated in the text of the Constitution and Bye-Laws forthwith.
  • 1955-03 Registrations of Member OrganizationsA. The Conference welcomes the transfer of recognition and registration of its member Association in the Dominican Republic to: Effective 25th November 1953 - Asociacion de Scouts Dominicanos B. The Conference is pleased to accord recognition and registration to: Effective 30 August 1955 - Iranian National Organisation of Scouting - Jordan Boy Scouts Association - Kuwait Boy Scouts Association and extends to all these Associations its cordial good wishes.
  • 1955-04A Registration FeesIn order that the development of international Scouting and the necessary work of the International Bureau shall not be hampered by lack of funds, the Conference agrees that the International Committee shall raise the registration fee to the rate of £5 per 1,000 active members in 1956.
  • 1955-04B Registration Fee SystemThe Conference requests the International Committee to study the possibility of relating the contribution of the different member Associations not only to the single criterion of the number of Scouts registered in each Boy Scout Association, but also to the economic development of each member country.
  • 1955-04C Development FundThe Conference notes with satisfaction the institution of the International Bureau Development Fund and welcomes the efforts being made to secure corporate and individual donations for this to increase the income of the Bureau.
  • 1955-04D Stamp SchemeThe Conference commends the results achieved to date with the Bureau Stamp Scheme as a further means of income and requests all Member Associations and their overseas branches to support this plan by encouraging their members and friends to forward used postage stamps to the Bureau.
  • 1955-05 Alpine ClubThe Conference takes note of the report of the Scouts Alpine Club and the International Scout Chalet, Kandersteg, and welcomes the important improvements which have been made to the Chalet and the camping grounds during the past two years. It is particularly noteworthy that the work of the Rovers participating in the World Rover Moot of 1953 added to the amenities of the site and that three fountains, showers and a shelter cabin have been added to the Chalet grounds. The Conference especially thanks those associations which have furnished “national rooms" in such good style in the Chalet, and recommends to other countries, which have not yet done so, that they should also equip rooms in this way to add to the international character of this centre. The Conference requests the Scouts Alpine Club Committee to consider the possibility of opening the Chalet for a limited period during the winter vacation season.
  • 1955-06 Gilwell TeamThe Conference expresses its most cordial appreciation of the excellent service being rendered to International Scouting by the Camp Chief of Gilwell Park, Mr. John Thurman, the staff at Gilwell and all members of the International Gilweli Training Team.
  • 1955-07 Wood Badge Training EmblemsThe Conference records with pleasure and satisfaction the worldwide adoption of the Wood Badge training system. It feels it important to maintain and safeguard the copyright of the relevant insignia. The Conference confirms that the various emblems used in connection with the Wood Badge system of training may only be awarded to Scouters and officers who have qualified by gaining the proper certificates and on the authority of the national training commissioner or members of the international Gilwell training team, who hold honourable charges as such, in recognized Member Associations of the Conference. Specifically, these emblems are: The Gilwell Waggle: A "Turk's Head" scarf slide of two strands made in round leather thong. The Wood Badge: Two wooden beads, facsimile of the Dinizulu necklace, worn on a leather thong or cord round the neck. The Gilwell Scarf: Grey scarf with a red lining bearing a MacLaren Tartan patch on the point. No modification or addition may be made to the scarf. The Conference further confirms that the terms "Wood Badge”, “Wood Badge Course" and "Wood Badge Parchment”, and the titles “Akela Leader" and “Deputy Camp Chief" may only be used in connection with this system of training, carried out wider authorised leaders and as outlined in the pamphlet “The Training of Scouters and the International Gilwell Training Team".
  • 1955-08 Port Liaison OfficersThe Conference welcomes the extension of the Boy Scout Port Liaison Officers scheme. It recommends to the International Commissioners of all member countries that they should appoint some member or supporter of the Movement in this role at the principal sea and air ports or rail centres carrying international traffic. Details of such appointments should be notified on the appropriate record card to the International Bureau for inclusion in the international list of Port Liaison officers.
  • 1955-09 International Commissioners MeetingThe Conference notes the good work of the 4th Get-Together of the International Commissioners, in Finland in 1954. Study and consideration of their comprehensive report is recommended to the International Commissioners of all member Associations.
  • 1955-10 Training in International ScoutingThe Conference recommends to all associations that they consider incorporating in their training manuals such as “First Steps in Scouting", “Tenderfoot Tests" or "Boy Scout Handbook” an explanatory paragraph in simple terms relating to the significance of the Scout Law, "A Scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout” and to the term used in the investiture ceremony, "You are now a member of the worldwide brotherhood of Scouts”. The Conference requires the International Bureau to circulate to all member Associations a suggested text.
  • 1955-11 "Losses" Reporta) The Conference cordially thanks the select committee and all those who have contributed to it for the valuable report on “Losses of boys and leaders”. b) The Conference strongly recommends to all Member Associations that their national headquarters should study this report thoroughly to see which of its queries and conclusions may apply to their own Scouting, and to seek the necessary solutions of their particular problems. c) The Conference thanks Mr. J.F. Colquhoun for his excellent presentation of this subject.
  • 1955-12 Handicapped Advisory Committee and Funda) The Conference thanks Hr. Bengt Junker for his admirable paper “Humanitarian Actions for Handicapped children". b) The Conference welcomes the institution of the International Advisory Committee on Scouting with the Handicapped and strongly recommends that member countries which have not already done so should cater for the inclusion of handicapped boys in ordinary groups where possible and, where it is not, by forming groups attached to sanatoria, hospitals and special schools. The Conference believes that Scouting is highly effective in the development and recreative training of all boys including those with many forms of handicap. c) The Conference recommends that at future world gatherings held under the aegis of the Conference the host country should consider the allocation of any collections at religious services to the international fund for the development of Scouting with the handicapped, administered by the International Bureau, or of sharing such collections between this fund and some other national Scout charity.
  • 1955-13 PublicationsThe Conference welcomes the establishment of the International Advisory Committee on publications and the progress being made in this field. The Conference expresses satisfaction with the new format of the international magazine “World Scouting" and requests vigorous support of this journal by all member associations by promoting sales and in obtaining news and pictures regularly. The Conference especially records its deep appreciation of the most able services rendered by the editor, Mr. E.E. Reynolds, during the period 1946-1955.
  • 1955-14 Annual Report to International BureauThe Conference reminds all Member Associations that they are required to send to the International Bureau an annual report on their affairs. This should include details of membership, national officers, important events, public opinion on Scouting and any changes in policy, programme, organization, training, etc.
  • 1955-15 Community ServiceThe Conference commends the proposal for Scout Associations to conduct national community service campaigns in the year preceding the Centenary of the Founder and the Jubilee of the Scout Movement. It is for each country to select the most suitable themes and tasks for such good turns but it is desirable that these be carried out in consultation with the appropriate national societies or public service departments, and, where applicable, with the field agencies of UNICEF, WHO, FAO. The Conference requires the International Bureau to circulate to Member Associations a note suggesting suitable projects for their consideration.
  • 1955-16 Geophysical YearThe Conference warmly welcomes the invitation from the organisers of the Geophysical Year for Scouts to assist in their work and with their field teams, and recommends to member Associations that, where applicable, this would prove to be a most useful form of training older Scouts, Explorers and Rovers.
  • 1955-17 IndabasThe Conference expresses its warm appreciation of the consideration of De Nationale Padvindersraad, Netherlands in agreeing to postpone the Indaba planned for 1956 until 1960 to help ensure the success of the 1957 celebrations.
  • 1955-18 Keynote ResolutionThe Conference believes that Scouting with its methods as initiated by B.-P. Can always attract the boy if we insist on giving boys real Scouting with its romance, adventure inspired leadership, advancement programme and spiritual life. The Conference as the central world body of our Movement expresses the conviction that World Scouting in the existing general international atmosphere can play a most important part by preparing good citizens for tomorrow with the right ideas of a constructive mutual understanding among all nations and towards lasting peace. The Conference looks forward to B.-P.’s Centenary in 1957 and urges all Associations to strive for a standard in their Scouting which will be a worthy memorial to our great founder Lord BadenPowell in the jubilee year of the Movement. Let this objective be our New Horizon. [1]

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