17. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

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17. verdenskonferanse
Om konferansen
Arrangør: International Bureau
Sted: New Dehli
Land: Flagg India.png India
Deltagertall: 35 nasjoner
Dato 29. juli3. august 1959 [1]
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17. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

Delegater og deltagerland

35 nasjoner.

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Saker og resolusjoner

Det ble vedtatt følgende resolusjoner under 17. verdenskonferanse i WOSM, opplysninger fra nettstedet til WOSM, scout.org:

  • 1959-01 Biennial ReportThe report of the Boy Scouts International Committee and Bureau for the years 1957-1959, submitted by Major General D.C. Spry, was warmly accepted by the Conference. The progress achieved under "Operation Jubilee" during this period was noted with pleasure, and the Conference extends its congratulations to the Committee and Bureau.
  • 1959-02 RegistrationThe Conference welcomes the recognition and registration accorded since the last meeting of the Conference to: Effective 22nd July 1958 - Boy Scouts of Libya Effective 2nd December 1957 - Les Eclaireurs Tunisiens
  • 1959-03 Boy Scouts Arab CommitteeThe Conference notes with pleasure the establishment of an Arab Regional Office of the Bureau, and welcomes the plans of the Arab Committee for promoting and stimulating Scouting in their Region.
  • 1959-04 Registration FeeThe Conference accepts the recommendation of the International Committee for an increase in the rate of Annual Registration Fee, and confirms the rate for the years 1960 and 1961 shall be $20.00 per 1,000 uniformed members.
  • 1959-05 1961 Rover Moot and International ConferenceThe Conference adopts with pleasure the kind invitations of Australia, to hold the 7th World Rover Moot, and of Portugal to be hosts to the 18th International Conference, during 1961.
  • 1959-06 Visits Abroad, InformationThe Conference recommends to the International Commissioners that they should supply to the Scout headquarters of neighbouring countries, information pamphlets and notes for the guidance of intending Scout visitors coming to their own country for camping or touring.
  • 1959-07 Legal ProtectionWith reference to Conference Resolutions 1924-12 and 1931-12, it is considered regrettable that in many countries the Movement does not have adequate legal status for the national Scouts association, nor safeguards for its titles, badges, etc. The Conference strongly urges all member countries not having comprehensive legal protection, to take steps to obtain this.
  • 1959-08 Far East RegionA. The Conference has received with much interest and pleasure, the reports from U Ba Htay, Chairman of the Regional Committee and Mr. G.R. Padolina, Regional Executive Commissioner. B. The Conference cordially welcomes the inauguration of the Far East Regional Scout Conference and notes with pleasure that the Far East Scout Advisory Committee has been granted consultative status by the International Committee. It believes that these two bodies will assist the full development of Scouting, both national and international, throughout the Far East Region
  • 1959-09 International ProjectsThe Conference is most pleased to learn of the success of various international Scout Projects: - The Scouts Alpine Club - The Explorer Belt Scheme - The Philia - The Joint Afro-European Caravans. The Conference offers its sincere congratulations to all those concerned in the organisation and operation of these projects and believes that these and similar schemes make a real and effective contribution to spreading the sense of brotherhood throughout our membership. It recommends that all Associations adopt similar projects wherever possible.
  • 1959-10 Handicapped Advisory Committee And FundThe Conference has received with great pleasure the report presented by Mr. K.C. Dassenaike on behalf of the International Advisory Committee on Scouting with the Handicapped, and notes with pleasure the considerable efforts being made by member associations and the International Bureau to assist many boys suffering from various forms of handicap. The Conference strongly recommends to other associations that they consider the adoption of this work.
  • 1959-11 B.-P. Memorial ScholarshipsThe Conference approves whole-heartedly, the Committee's decision to establish these training scholarships out of the income of the B.-P. Centenary Fund, and recommends that all associations which have not already contributed to the latter, do so at the earliest opportunity, in order that the number and value of the Scholarships may be increased.
  • 1959-12 International Training CentreThe Conference warmly welcomes the following statement issued by the Boy Scouts Association (Great Britain): "At the International Conference of 1947, the Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth and Empire gave an assurance that Gilwell Park would be maintained as an International as well as national training centre and that the International Bureau would be associated with its international functions. During the twelve years since then, the value of Wood Badge training has been recognised by successive International Conferences and the Boy Scouts Association (Great Britain) and the Camp Chief and staff of Gilwell have been happy to welcome more than 2,900 Scouters from 113 countries at Wood Badge courses there." "The Boy Scouts Association (Great Britain) on the eve of the appointment of a new Chief Scout, desire to reaffirm their intention of maintaining the International and Commonwealth training facilities at Gilwell Park so as to render it of ever-growing service to World Scouting in the training of its leaders and in the promotion of world unity in the spirit and fundamentals of Scouting as laid down by the Founder."
  • 1959-13 Keynote ResolutionOn the occasion of the holding of the World Jamboree and the International Conference for the first time in the East, the Conference notes with pleasure the way in which Scout Principles and ideals are practised so successfully in this part of the globe. It is particularly appropriate that this 17th International Conference meets in India, the country which gave our Founder the background for Cubbing and the ideas which were later developed into the Scout Method. By faithfully following B.-P.'s precepts for the benefit of the boy we shall all take our full share in "Building To-morrow, To-day”. [1]

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For hver enkelt verdenskonferanse i WOSM har det til tider vært diskusjoner i forkant og etterkant, om endringer og forslag. Mange vedtak og gjennomføringen av disse har gitt viktige veivalg for utviklingen i speidingen. Her skal forsøke å gjengi en del av dette. Se hvert enkelt Verdenskonferanser i WOSM. Har du flere opplysninger? Bidra selv, eller send oss en e-post [2]

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