20. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

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20. verdenskonferanse
Om konferansen
Arrangør: WOSMlogo.jpg WOSM
Sted: Mexico City
Land: Flagg Mexico.png Mexico
Deltagertall: 59 nasjoner
Dato 26. september3. oktober 1965 [1]

20. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

Delegater og deltagerland

59 nasjoner.

Holger Fangel var en av Norges delegater.

Norske minner

Protest mot giganteri Jamboreene var frem mot 60-tallet blitt forholdsvis store arrangementer, mye show og lite preg av å være speiderarrangementer. Derfor drøftet de nordiske landene på WOSMs 20. verdenskonferanse i 1965 muligheten for å arrangere en jamboree i Norden. Dette var første (og til nå eneste) gang at jamboreen var et samarbeid mellom flere ulike nasjoner. I 1971 besluttet WOSMs 23. verdenskonferanse i Tokyo at den 14. verdensjamboreen i 1975 skulle være på Lillehammer. [2]

Saker og resolusjoner

WOSMlogo.jpg Det ble vedtatt følgende resolusjoner under 20. verdenskonferanse i WOSM, opplysninger fra nettstedet til WOSM, scout.org:

  • 1965-01 RegistrationsThe Conference welcomes the recognition and registration accorded since the last meeting to: Effective 11 Jan., 1964 - Federation du Scoutisme du Dahomey - The Kenya Boy Scouts Association - The Uganda Boy Scouts Association Effective 1 June, 1964 - Da Afghanistan Zaranduy Tolanah Effective 24 August, 1964 - Sierra Leone Boy Scouts Association Effective 26 May, 1965 - Boy Scouts of Liberia Effective 31 August, 1965 - Zambia Boy Scouts Association Records with pleasure the establishment of and transfer of international registration to: Federation of Irish Scout Associations (transfer 23rd March, 1965) and extends to all these member countries its cordial good wishes.
  • 1965-02 Cessation of WOSM MembershipThe Conference records with great regret the cessation of activities of the Burma Boy Scouts and the Khemarak Kayarith in Cambodia in 1964 and extends its sincere sympathy to the many thousands of Scouts in these two countries who are now deprived of the opportunity of membership of our brotherhood. Looks forward to the day when these Associations will rejoin our worldwide Movement.
  • 1965-03 Quezon City, PhilippinesThe Conference commends the Municipal Council of Quezon City, Philippines, for its initiative in naming 24 streets after the 24 Scouts who perished in an air crash en route to the XI World Jamboree, as well as one rotunda "Scouts Circle" and two streets, "Marathon Street" and "XI World Jamboree Street," respectively.
  • 1965-04 Biennial ReportThe Conference accepts the World Committee Biennial Report for 1963 to 1965, as presented by the Director of the World Bureau and commends the continued and successful efforts of the World Bureau staff in Ottawa as well as in the Regional Offices. Records with satisfaction the attainment of a membership of 10,000,000 during this period.
  • 1965-05 Forward PlanningThe Conference has heard with great interest the Statement regarding Forward Planning submitted by the World Committee in whom it unanimously renews its confidence, especially in view of such preparatory work as may be necessary before the 21st World Conference, at which final decisions may be taken on future developments of World Scouting and its administration. It furthermore urges all member associations to cooperate closely with the World Committee by submitting their propositions and suggestions on this subject.
  • 1965-06 Procedure, Offers of AidThe Conference commends and warmly appreciates the exchange of visits and offers of aid and advice of all kinds among the Scout associations of various countries, in the spirit of Scout brotherhood and mutual aid. Requires, as a matter of procedure, that such visits, as well as requests for and offers of such aid or advice shall be agreed upon in advance by the national headquarters of the recognized Scout association concerned, or by the World Committee in the case of countries where no recognized association exists. Emphatically disapproves the practice of any Scout association, or consultative body, or advisory group, or individual member of the Movement, promoting such aid or advice without observing the procedure as set out above. Instructs the World Committee to proceed to any measure necessary to prevent or counteract any contravention of this rule.
  • 1965-07 Public RelationsThe Conference recognizes the importance of intensified public relations programmes in all Member Associations and recommends the strengthening of public relations services on a worldwide level.
  • 1965-08 Training for citizenship, Community ServiceThe Conference holds that one of the paramount aims of the Scout Movement is to train boys to be useful and active citizens. It is incumbent on national Scout associations to see that their unit programme provides opportunities for Scouts to exercise leadership, train in service to others and to develop themselves as citizens. The Conference further recommends that national associations shall ensure that information and ideas related to training in service are widely disseminated to put this aim into practice by all members.
  • 1965-09 Director - World BureauThe Conference places on record its profound and most sincere appreciation of the services rendered to the World Scout Movement by Major-General D.C. Spry, Deputy Director from 1951 to 1953, Director of the World Bureau from 1953 to 1965. His untiring efforts, the unselfish pursuance of his duties, his loyalty to the ideals of Scouting, his wide vision and firm belief in the possibilities of the Movement, have decisively contributed to the expansion and the strengthening of World Scouting during his term of office and have set a standard and example which will serve as a source of inspiration to us all. The Conference furthermore extends its deep gratitude to Mrs. Betty Spry whose support and sympathetic understanding it hereby wishes to recognize.
  • 1965-10 Keynote Resolution- That Scouting is as vigorous a Movement today as it was at its inception by the Founder, Lord Baden-Powell. - That it is imperative to sustain the ideals and to keep up the high standards of Scouting in a changing world. - That, nevertheless, a scrutinizing inquiry into all aspects of Scouting be it detailed rules, general policy or administrative organization, method of training or future planning, aims and perspectives, or even fundamental principles - can only be beneficial to the Movement at both national and world level. - That it is the duty of us all not to spare any effort to break through to more boys, offering them such better Scouting as our inquiry can help us to conceive. As members of this Conference, we pledge ourselves to stand united in the true Scout Spirit in our purpose to serve the BOY. Let this Unity be the Impetus behind all our endeavours. [1]

Valg og utnevninger

Utdelte hederstegn

Veivalg og diskusjon

For hver enkelt verdenskonferanse i WOSM har det til tider vært diskusjoner i forkant og etterkant, om endringer og forslag. Mange vedtak og gjennomføringen av disse har gitt viktige veivalg for utviklingen i speidingen. Her skal forsøke å gjengi en del av dette. Se hvert enkelt Verdenskonferanser i WOSM. Har du flere opplysninger? Bidra selv, eller send oss en e-post [3]

Utklipp og minner

Om internasjonalt samarbeid

Eksterne linker

  • WOSM har egen hjemmeside: [4]


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