21. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

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21. verdenskonferanse
Om konferansen
Arrangør: WOSMlogo.jpg WOSM
Sted: Seattle
Land: Flagg USA.png USA
Deltagertall: 70 nasjoner
Dato 11.17. august 1967 [1]

21. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

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70 nasjoner.

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Saker og resolusjoner

WOSMlogo.jpg Det ble vedtatt følgende resolusjoner under 21. verdenskonferanse i WOSM, opplysninger fra nettstedet til WOSM, scout.org:

  • 1967-01 RegistrationsThe Conference records the recognition and registration of three Associations accorded since the XX Conference in Mexico: Effective 16th December, 1965 - Qatar Boy Scouts Association Effective 20th August, 1966 - The Singapore Boy Scouts Association Effective 28th October, 1966 - The Malta Boy Scouts Association And records its action according recognition and registration: Effective 12th August, 1967. - The Boy Scouts Association of Guyana The Conference extends to these four Associations its best wishes for successful Scouting.
  • 1967-02 European RegionThe Conference records with pleasure that the World Committee has approved of the Constitution and By-Laws of the European Regional Scout Conference and accorded consultative status to the European Executive Committee in the manner accorded to other regional bodies.
  • 1967-03 AfricaThe Conference notes with pleasure the report on the progress of the Movement in the African Region and asks the World Committee to give due consideration to the need for increased development.
  • 1967-04 Finances, Development FundsThe Conference records its sincere appreciation to those national associations and individual members of the Movement who have contributed to the World Scout Friendship Fund, and calls to the attention of all member countries the manifold needs of Scouting in many parts of the world for greatly improved facilities and services to ensure the full development of Scouting. Urges the entire membership of the Movement to give this Fund unstinted support so that the necessary means shall be provided to carry out these essential projects. (Title of Fund changed 1969-06)
  • 1967-05 TrainingRecommends that Member Countries be cognizant of the need for a continuing and even more intensified study of Adult Leader Training as a vital part of the long range development programme of the Scout Movement; and recommends that the World Bureau and the World Training SubCommittee specifically carry out such studies and formulate such plans as are relevant to this programme.
  • 1967-06 Training, DevelopmentThe Conference calls attention to the recommendations of the 4th World Training Conference held at Gilwell Park and urges their immediate implementation by member countries, particularly those relating to a 5% surcharge on Wood Badge Course fees and the proposals to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Gilwell Park in 1969.
  • 1967-07 Public Relations, TrainingWhereas we consider it necessary for all adult leaders in the Movement to be competent communicators, this Conference recommends that steps be taken to include public relations training in the syllabi of appropriate adult leader training courses on both the international and national levels.
  • 1967-08 Universal BadgeRealising that the wearing of Scout uniform is an important factor in promoting international understanding and friendship, but that the Scout uniform cannot be worn all the time, the Conference recommends that the World Committee study the possibility of having a common universal badge to be adopted by all Member Scout Organzations both for use in or out of uniform.
  • 1967-09 FinancesThe Conference desires that every effort be made to meet operating expenses from registration fees and as soon as possible. It further desires that special donations should be allotted, in principle and as soon as possible, to development needs.
  • 1967-10 Registration FeeThe Conference accepts the recommendation of the World Committee setting the annual registration fee in the future at U.S. $30.00 per 1,000 uniformed members.
  • 1967-11 Constitution RevisionIn accordance with Article XVI of the 1961 Constitution, the Conference has duly approved certain amendments and revisions thereto, and directs that these amendments and revisions be incorporated in the text of a Constitution and By-Laws, the effective date of which shall be 18th August, 1967. Where the word "Association" is used in the sense of the National Member Organization of the Conference, then this is to be revised by using the word "Organization". The Conference directs the World Committee to re-vise the text, as amended by Conference, and to publish it. The Committee is authorised to arrange the necessary editing, numbering of clauses, to ensure the correct translation and to publish it in the official languages of the Conference.
  • 1967-12 World Bureau, LocationThe Conference confirms the decision to move the headquarters of the Boy Scouts World Bureau to Geneva, Switzerland as soon as practicable; expresses its appreciation to Canada, where it is now presently situated, and to all countries which have offered their facilities and assistance as to the relocation of the Bureau
  • 1967-13 Boy Scout and Girl Guide/Girl Scout OrganizationsThe Conference receives with interest and endorses the joint statement of policy on relationships of Girl Guide/Girl Scout and Boy Scout Organizations, as proposed by the respective World Committees jointly.
  • 1967-14A World Jamboree and World Conference, 1971Confirms the decision to hold the 13th World Jamboree and the 23rd World Conference in Japan in 1971 and records its thanks to all the countries which offered to be hosts to these World Events.
  • 1967-14B World Conference, 1969Confirms the decision to hold the 22nd World Conference in Finland and conveys its thanks to all the countries which invited the said conference.
  • 1967-15 Keynote ResolutionAs Scouting begins its sixty-first year, it looks backward with pride and forward with enthusiasm. Scouting embodies today all of the lasting principles of its Founder, Lord Baden-Powell; yet at the same time, through its standards, adapts itself to the world of tomorrow. Through a strong world organisation dedicated to service at all levels, Scouting has become a major cohesive force among peoples and youth. The ties of mutual interest and experience bind Scouts of all the World, transcending world events. The training and ideals of Scouting, infused in man and boy, have created bonds whose strength has endured through life. The XXI World Conference pledges itself with renewed zeal to the interests of World Scouting, World Brotherhood and mutual understanding. [1]

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