31. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

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31. verdenskonferanse
Om konferansen
Arrangør: WOSMlogo.jpg WOSM
Sted: Melbourne
Land: Flagg Australia.png Australia
Deltagertall: 77 nasjoner
Dato 11.15. januar 1988 [1]

31. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

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77 nasjoner.

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Saker og resolusjoner

WOSMlogo.jpg Det ble vedtatt følgende resolusjoner under 31. verdenskonferanse i WOSM, opplysninger fra nettstedet til WOSM, scout.org:

  • 1988-01 Registration of Member OrganizationsThe Conference - records with pleasure the admission of the Scout Association of Belize as a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, effective as of 15 December 1987.
  • 1988-02 Towards a Strategy for ScoutingThe Conference - commends the World Committee in producing the document "Towards a Strategy for Scouting" and strongly recommends that the respective levels within the World Organization work along the directions indicated in the document to enable the Movement to continue to grow and provide better services for the benefit of young people; - urges all national Scout organizations to study the document carefully at meetings of their national committees and to consider the adoption of similar strategies appropriate to their own countries.
  • 1988-03 Programme DevelopmentThe Conference - recognizing the crucial importance of a relevant youth programme for the continued growth of Scouting throughout the world - urges National Scout Organizations to strengthen their programme development function and to take advantage of available materials on programme development - calls on the World Committee to establish guidelines for the programme development function in National Scout Organizations and to continue efforts to help them develop and improve their youth programmes, to reflect the needs and aspirations of young people today, the needs of society, and the fundamentals of Scouting.
  • 1988-04 Scouting with the HandicappedThe Conference - endorses the view that all leaders in the Movement have a responsibility to promote Scouting with the handicapped - urges all National Scout Organizations to review their programmes to ensure that they meet the needs of all young people irrespective of ability - strongly encourages all National Scout Organizations to ensure that there is a key person with influence within the programme team at national level specifically responsible for promoting Scouting with the handicapped - urges National Scout Organizations to make available sufficient resources to promote effective Scouting with the handicapped.
  • 1988-05 DevelopmentThe Conference - records the considerable progress achieved in the development field by National Scout Organizations since Resolution 1971-14 was adopted - welcomes the publication of the “Scouts in the Community” kit and “15 Development Education Games for Scouts” and strongly recommends to National Scout Organizations to use them as resources in integrating the development dimension as an essential part of their youth programmes - encourages National Scout Organizations to play an even more active role in community involvement in its various forms (community service; community development; development education) ensuring that related activities are carried out using the Scout method, thus contributing to the overall development of the Scout and of the community.
  • 1988-06 Environmental EducationThe Conference - recognizing the fundamental importance of environment and environmental education in Scouting - recognizing the close relationship between environment conservation and development as emphasized in the World Conservation Strategy and the recent report of the UN World Commission on Environment and Development - welcomes the initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to work in close collaboration with Scouting - encourages the World Committee to establish closer relationships with UNEP - strongly recommends to National Scout Organizations to further strengthen their activities addressing the environment and environmental education.
  • 1988-07 Education for Peace and Human UnderstandingThe Conference - recognizing that Scouting through its international character and tradition has unique opportunities to build understanding and friendship among young people - encourages National Scout Organizations to review their youth programmes to ensure education for peace and human understanding is an integral part of them - recommends to National Scout Organizations to focus particularly on activities related to education for peace and human understanding during a special “peace week” around Founder's Day in February 1989.
  • 1988-08 Universal Declaration of Human RightsThe Conference - taking into account that 1988 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations - reaffirms its Resolution 1977-19 in support of the Declaration.
  • 1988-09 Registration FeeThe Conference - resolves that the system of calculating the registration fee based on the dual objectives of equity and stability of in- come be continued; - resolves that the basic fee rate used to calculate annual fees be increased as follows: - from SF 0.36 to SF 0.39 per uniformed member for the fiscal year beginning October 1st, 1988; - from SF 0.39 to SF 0.42 per uniformed member for the fiscal year beginning October 1st, 1989.
  • 1988-10 World Scout EmblemThe Conference - recognizing the importance of the world Scout emblem as a symbol of the unity of the world brotherhood of Scouting - conscious of the need to raise funds for the development of Scouting worldwide - requests the cooperation of all National Scout Organizations in ensuring adequate legal protection of the world Scout emblem - encourages all members in all National Scout Organizations to wear, in addition to any national membership badge, the world Scout badge on their uniforms - encourages National Scout Organizations to allocate a part of the income from the sales of the world Scout badge to the development of Scouting worldwide through the World Scout Foundation.
  • 1988-11 World Scout FoundationThe Conference - expresses its gratitude to the World Scout Foundation for its outstanding financial contribution to the World Organization - reiterates its appeal to all National Scout Organizations to support the efforts of the Foundation in every way possible.
  • 1988-12 Baden-Powell World FellowshipThe Conference - congratulates the World Scout Foundation on its success with the Baden-Powell World Fellowship (the programme designed to generate and duly recognize support from individual donors) - encourages all National Scout Organizations to assist the Foundation in the promotion of this programme and to ensure an appropriate representation of all member countries.
  • 1988-13 Voluntary Contribution to Ensure Continuation of Community Developmentn ProgrammeThe Conference - noting with concern that the World Organization's resources within high priority fields such as community development have been reduced and may have to be reduced even further in 1988, - recognizing that there is an urgent need to bridge the finances of the World Organization in 1987/1988 before the increase in registration fee takes effect m 1988/1989 especially to ensure the continuation of the community development services of the World Bureau, - strongly urges national Scout organizations to seriously consider making a special voluntary contribution to the World Organization in 1988 according to ability, e.g. to voluntarily increase its membership fees in 1987/1988 to 0.39 SFr per uniformed member; - calls on all National Scout Organizations that are in arrears with their payment of registration fees, to make extraordinary efforts to find new ways to raise the necessary funds to bear their part of the financial burden of the World Organization; - calls on national Scout organizations in countries where currency or other regulations inhibit direct payment of membership fees to the World Organization, to seek cooperation with Scout Organizations in other countries to make special arrangements to ensure payment of fees.
  • 1988-14 Finances of the World OrganizationThe Conference - considering the necessity for the World Organization to have sufficient stable resources to carry out its various activities - taking into account the difficulties faced by many National Scout Organizations in paying to the World Organization the registration fees which constitute WOSM essential financial resource - strongly urges all National Scout Organizations to do their utmost to pay their registration fees within the stated deadlines to strengthen the World Organization's cash flow and financial reserves - recommends to National Scout Organizations to support WOSM in its efforts to raise funds from sources other than registration fees to help stabilize its financial resources in years to come - asks the World Committee to do its best to manage its budget so that a proposal to increase the registration fees may not be necessary at the 32nd World Scout Conference in Paris in 1990.
  • 1988-15 Young Adults' Participation in ConferencesThe Conference - recognizing the value of youth participation in decision making - draws attention to Resolution 1969-13 regarding the inclusion of young adults in delegations to World Conferences and strongly urges those National Scout Organizations which have not yet implemented this resolution to do so in preparing for all future Conferences - recommends to the World Committee to consider ways of increasing the involvement of young delegates and observers in Conference presentations and deliberations.
  • 1988-16 WAGGGS/WOSM RelationshipsThe Conference - appreciates the work undertaken by the Consultative Committee between WAGGGS and WOSM - recommends to the World Committee to explore further possibilities to continue the fruitful cooperation - recognizes that certain joint activities between WAGGGS and WOSM would highlight the full strength of World Guiding and World Scouting and therefore requests the World Committee to consider the possibility of holding one of the future World Conferences of the two Organizations at the same time and in the same area.
  • 1988-17 Bilateral Cooperation as an Expression of World BrotherhoodThe Conference - expresses its gratitude to those National Scout Organizations which, within the framework of bilateral cooperation, contribute towards the promotion of Scouting throughout the world and have enabled less privileged associations to be represented at the 16th World Jamboree and at the 31st World Scout Conference - strongly recommends to National Scout Organizations to expand and amplify such initiatives, which contribute to making Jamborees - a unique opportunity for all Scouts of the world to meet - a tangible expression of world brotherhood.
  • 1988-18 Child Health Programme (Help Children Grow)The Conference - expresses its great satisfaction at the success of the WOSM/WAGGGS/UNICEF Child Health Programme “help children grow” - records its sincere appreciation to UNICEF for supporting this programme - strongly recommends to National Scout Organizations to continue their work on the Child Health Programme in active cooperation with UNICEF in their own countries - encourages the World Committee to seek opportunities in the future for the implementation of similar programmes in partnership with other agencies. [1]

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