Lord Kitchener

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Herbert Kitchener
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Født: 1859
Død 1916
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Lord Kitchener, som drev 1. North London Troop, som Christian Dons var med i –


The spectator 22/4 1911

Lord Kitchener, who inspected 1,000 Boy Scouts at Leiceater on Tuesday, paid a very handsome and, in our opinion thoroughly well-deserved tribute to the movement. "The, more he knew of the Scouts' organization, the more admirable he thought it to be, and the more fully persuaded he was that it should appeal strongly to every father or mother who desired to bring up their sons well. It broke down class prejudice, and it promoted comradeship, discipline, resource- fulness, self-reliance, and sympathy. Its ideals were the highest Christianity and patriotism. Again, they would find the Scout law and the Scout training very useful through life. So let them never allow scouting to be looked upon as a game that was over. Let them keep it going as long as they were alive." If the movement is kept on sound lines for another fifteen or twenty years, Lord Kitchener's ideal of a million men and boys imbued with the spirit of the Scout ought to be realised. The only serious difficulty at present is with parents; but none of the boys who are now scouts will make difficulties when they have sons of their own.

Hvilken tropp var knyttet til Lord Kitchener?

  • Christian Dons referer til sin kontakt med Kitcheners tropp; "1. North London Troop".
  • I avisutklipp om Kitchener står det "the North London troop".
  • I "The Toronto World" 3/10 1911 står det - da Kitchener drar til Egypt i 1911, at gutter fra "1st North London Boy Scouts" stiller opp ved hans avreise.
  • I "The story of Lord Kitchener" finner vi dette avsnittet:

The Field-Marshal left England in September. At that time he had added to his many titles that of President of the 1st North London Boy Scouts, and the detachment was drawn up in front of his train at Liverpool Street. The lads had recently spent a week in camp in Broome Park, and Kitchener immediately recognized some of them. Those who think of him as stem and unbending should recollect that one who held the highest rank in the British Army was not above taking a good-natured interest in these youngsters. On this occasion he gave a farewell message.

"It is very good of you," he said, " to come and say good-bye to me. All of you work hard while I am away and keep the Scout law. I shall expect to see you down at Broome when I come back, and 1 hope we shall have some more sport with the rabbits. I am very glad to see you. Good-bye ! "

Personlig bakgrunn

  • Herbert Kitchener - 1859-1916, omtales som engelsk offiser, diplomat og politiker. Han ledet Storbrittanias gjenerobring av Sudan på 1890-tallet og deltok i den andre boerkrigen. Han var britisk forsvarsminister under første verdenskrig.
  • Omtales som en av BPs overordnete i Sør-Afrika.[2]
  • Omtale på engelsk Wikipedia: [1]
  • Lord Kitchener inspiserer engelske speidere - film på engelsk nettsted: [2]
  • Christian Dons, Norsk speiderguttforbunds første formann, var knyttet til en London-tropp som Lord Kitchener drev.
  • Lord Kitcener oppgis som opphavsmann til uttrykket "En gang speider, alltid speider!".


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