27. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

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27. verdenskonferanse
Om konferansen
Arrangør: WOSMlogo.jpg WOSM
Sted: Birmingham
Land: Flagg England.png England, Flagg Storbritannia.png Storbritannia
Deltagertall: 81 nasjoner
Dato 15.21. juli 1979 [1]

27. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

Delegater og deltagerland

81 nasjoner.

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Saker og resolusjoner

WOSMlogo.jpg Det ble vedtatt følgende resolusjoner under 27. verdenskonferanse i WOSM, opplysninger fra nettstedet til WOSM, scout.org: –

  • 1979-01 Registration of New Member Organizations

The Conference records with pleasure the registration as Member National Organizations of the World Organization of the Scout Movement since its last meeting of: Effective 16 March 1978 - Federacion de Escultismo en Espana Effective 25 April 1978 - Association des Scouts du Burundi Effective 15 July 1979 - The Scout Association of Grenada

  • 1979-02 Cessation of Activities of Member Organizations

The Conference records with regret the cessation of activities of the former National Scout Organizations of Laos and Viet-Nam during 1975: - Association of Boy Scouts of Laos - Hoi Huong-Dao Viet Nam And conveys its sincere appreciation to those Member Scout Organizations who have befriended many thousands of former members from these two countries who are refugees in their midst. The Conference regrets to record the disbandment of the National Scout Organization in Afghanistan, August 1978, but resolves to retain their name on the roll of member countries until the next World Conference when their situation will be reviewed.

  • 1979-03 Postponement of World Conference and Jamboree - Iran 1983

The Conference resolves that in recognition of current events arrangements made with Iranian Scouting to host the World Conference and World Jamboree in 1983 be postponed.

  • 1979-04 Preparation of World Conference

The Conference, in order to assist all who are interested in or required to fully review and discuss papers, proposals or resolutions in advance of every World Conference, resolves that those who have responsibility for preparing such documents, shall organize their responsibilities to enable such material to be distributed so that it will be received by Member Scout Organizations not less than 4 months in advance of the opening date of such World Conference.

  • 1979-05 New Registration Fee Formula

The Conference expresses its warmest appreciation for the enormous amount of time and effort expended by the Task Force on the registration fee formula and resolves that the World Committee form a new Task Force to continue the study leading to a new registration fee formula and that the World Committee will report on their findings at the next Conference.

  • 1979-06 International Year of the Child

The Conference resolves to extend its warm felicitations and gratitude to UNICEF and its National Commissions for all they have accomplished in designating 1979 as International Year of the Child. While much has been accomplished in the first six months, the Conference urges all Member Scout Organizations to intensify their activities between now and the end of the year to ensure a truly dedicated and successful year in respect of our greatest resource, children of the world. 1979-07 “Children of the World" The Conference resolves to recognize the valuable contribution made by the Organization "Children of the World" (Ninos del Mundo) in assisting in relieving the suffering of children and strongly recommends all Member Scout Organizations to observe Sunday September 9 as "Day of Fraternity” and participate in a worldwide chain of prayer for peace and greater understanding.

  • 1979-08 Cooperation with WAGGGS

The Conference resolves to urge the World Committee that, in collaboration with the World Committee of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, a policy be formulated to permit the participation of all members of all joint or merged member Scout associations in international events, whether planned as joint events by the two Organizations jointly or planned by one of the Organizations.

  • 1979-09 75th Anniversary of Scouting 1982

The Conference resolves that in honour and recognition of the 75th Anniversary of the Scout Movement and the 125th Birthday of its Founder Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell, 1982 be declared “The Year of Scouting", and be celebrated appropriately throughout the Movement. The Conference requests the World Committee and World Bureau to encourage celebrations at world and regional levels, and appeals to all national Scout organizations to promote and generate maximum support for Scouting programmes in the 1980s.

  • 1979-10 Issue of Scout Postage Stamps

The Conference resolves that all Member Associations urge their postal authorities to issue one or a series of national postage stamps devoted to Scouting and if possible to include a surcharge to be used for the benefit of Scouting on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Scout Movement in 1982.

  • 1979-11 Support for Efforts of World Scout Foundation

The Conference welcomes the exciting efforts of the World Scout Foundation to build up a large Capital (Endowment) Fund to ensure the stability and financial independence of the World Scout Movement for the long term. It expresses its gratitude to those governments, foundations and other organizations as well as individuals who have already made contributions or committed themselves to support this drive. The Conference, stimulated by the example of some Member Scout Organizations who individually decided to support the World Scout Foundation in its endeavours, appeals to all national Scout organizations to actively participate in this task, as an important step towards building and enhancing World Brotherhood. The Conference invites all national Scout organizations to devote one day - preferably Founder 's Day, the 22nd February as the actual anniversary day of the Movement - for one time only, to undertake to raise funds for the World Capital (Endowment) Fund in a method of their own choice. The Conference is confident that in one single day all Member Scout Organizations can make a substantial contribution towards the goal of achieving financial stability and harmonious development for our future.

  • 1979-12 Annual Registration Fees

The Conference accepts the new Registration Fee Scheme contained in Conference Document No. 3 and amended by the Select Committee meeting on July 19, 1979, and RESOLVES: 1. That it shall enter into force on 1st October, 1979. 2. That the standard per capita fee for each of the two years commencing 1st October, 1979 shall be SF 0.28 per uniformed member.


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