12. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

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12. verdenskonferanse
Om konferansen
Arrangør: International Bureau
Sted: Lom kommunevåpen.png Lom, Elvesæter
Land: Flagg Norge.png Norge
Deltagertall: 28 (25) nasjoner
Dato 10.12. august 1949 [1] [2]
1949: 12. verdenskonferanse i WOSMs deltakere samlet. [3]
Postkort fra Elvesæter Turisthotell, Mittet, 3282/15, udatert
Postkort fra Elvesæter Hotell, Normanns Kunstforlag G-4-89, udatert
Postkort fra Elvesæter, udatert
Dokumentarfilmen fra Kon-Tiki-ferden i 1947, ble vist for delegatene under denne konferansen av en av ekspedisjonens deltakere, Knut Haugland, ifølge Scouting Round the World, utgitt i 1957. Den kan du lese her, foto av postkort, wikipedia.org / Nasjonalbiblioteket.

12. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

Flagg Frankrike.png Det ble under verdenskonferansen, avholdt i Château de Rosny-sur-Seine, Frankrike, 1947 vedtatt følgende resolusjon om 12. verdenskonferanse i WOSM, opplysninger fra nettstedet til WOSM, scout.org:

  • 1947-25 4th World Rover Moot and 12th International Scout ConferenceACCEPTS with much pleasure the kind invitation from Norway to hold the Fourth World Rover Moot and Twelfth International Scout Conference in that country in 1949, and "OFFERS its sincere thanks to Flagg Australia.png Australia, Flagg Belgia.png Belgium, Flagg Tsjekkia.png Czechoslovakia, Flagg Jamaica.png Jamaica and Flagg Mexico.png Mexico for their offers. [2]

Delegater og deltagerland

Hver nasjon hadde mulighet til å stille med seks deltakere. 28 (25) nasjoner deltok.

Norske delegater var Birger L. D. Brekke‎, Nils Bolt‎, Ahlert Horn‎, Gunnar Hannestad‎, Ragnvald Iversen‎ og Rolf Lykken‎ [1]

Norske minner

I Femti år for norske gutter kan vi lese om konferansen: [4]

Utsnitt forside femti år for norske gutter.JPG

Som et ledd i arbeidet for å styrke roversektoren, hvori det som er utviklet i gutten gjennom tiden i ulveflokk, patrulje og tropp skal ommsettes i tjeneste og praksis hos en moden ungdom, påtok Norsk Speidergutt-Forbund seg arrangementet av 4th World Rover Moot - roverspeidernes 4. verdens-leir. Den ble arrangert midt i mor Norges vakreste fjellheim, Skjåk i Jotunheimen, i 1949. Under leiren ble Den internasjonale konferanse, for landenes delegerte, holdt på Elvesæter i Bøverdalen. [4]

Saker og resolusjoner

Hånd stopp.jpg Norge og verden er fortsatt preget av ettervirkningene av den andre verdenskrig, med store mengder med mennesker på flukt.
Se artikkelsidene om "den andre verdenskrig", "Gjenoppbygging" og "Beslaglagte midler skaffes tilbake".

Det ble vedtatt følgende resolusjoner under 12. verdenskonferanse i WOSM, opplysninger fra nettstedet til WOSM, scout.org:

Note: Resolutions 1949-01 to 1949-05 are Resolutions of Thanks and Appreciation.
  • 1949-06 Reports – Kandersteg International Scout ChaletHAS RECEIVED with much satisfaction the report of the International Scout Chalet, Kandersteg, and of the Scouts Alpine Club; COMMENDS to all member Associations the valuable facilities of this Scout Centre; and ASKS all member Associations to encourage membership of the Scouts Alpine Club in order to strengthen the support and finances of the Club.
  • 1949-07 International Commissioners MeetingsWELCOMES the institution of periodic and informal International Commissioners' gatherings by the successful "Get-Together" held at Kandersteg in July, 1948, which was attended by the representatives of 23 countries, and OFFERS its warm thanks to the organizers and the Federation des Eclaireurs Suisses for their hospitality and kindness.
  • 1949-08 Pan-Pacific JamboreeRECORDS with great pleasure the holding of a Pan-Pacific Jamboree at Yarra Brae, Victoria, from December 29th, 1948, to January 9th, 1949, attended by over 11,000 Scouts, and offers its congratulations to the Australian Federal Council of the Boy Scouts Association on the successful organization of that Jamboree.
  • 1949-09 International Camp for Handicapped Scoutsa) RECORDS with much pleasure the holding of an Inter-national Camp for Handicapped Scouts near Lunteren in the Netherlands last July; b) OFFERS warm thanks to be Nationale Padvindersraad for the organization of this event and its important contribution to this branch of Scouting; and c) COMMENDS to all member Associations the value of Scout training for children who are physically handicapped, mentally deficient or morally delinquent.
  • 1949-10 Regional CampsThe Conference commends with much satisfaction the increasing number of regional Scout gatherings, such as Jamborettes and international Scout patrol camps, which the Conference considers to be of great value in developing personal friendships, international understanding and sense of the Scout brotherhood between Scouts of neighbouring countries.
  • 1949-11 Salvation ArmyThe Conference welcomes with great pleasure the agreement between the International Youth Department of the Salvation Army and the Boy Scouts International Bureau and the subsequent affiliation of Scout units sponsored by the Salvation Army with the Member Associations of this Conference in many countries.
  • 1949-12 Scout Groups of the United NationsAuthorises the International Bureau to proceed with the direct registration of the Scout Groups of the Boy Scouts of the United Nations Organization.
  • 1949-13 Registrationa) WELCOMES the recognition and separate registration with the International Bureau unanimously accorded since the previous meeting of the Conference to: - The Burma Boy Scouts Association; - The Boy Scouts Association in India; - The Pakistan Boy Scouts Association. b) Is PLEASED TO CONFIRM unanimously the separate international recognition and registration of: - The Boy Scouts of Ireland; - Boy Scouts de Syrie; c) extending to all these Associations the cordial good wishes of the Conference.
  • 1949-14 Restoration of Scouting – post World War IIRECORDS its unbounded admiration for the efforts of many thousands of Scout leaders, Scouts and lay supporters in many countries to restore and develop Scouting, nationally and internationally, since the end of World War II, through innumerable Good Turns, both by individual members and by Groups and through such outstanding means as: - The "Chins-up" Fund in Canada; - Scouts' International Relief Service, Great Britain; - Rehabilitation camps for war-affected children, Switzerland; - The World Friendship Fund of the Boy Scouts of America; - Assistance to the D.P. Division of the International Bureau; - And Support to the " United Nations Appeal for Children".
  • 1949-15 Safeguard and Welfare of Children, Greecea) As a world-wide representative body for the safeguard and welfare of boys, the Conference CONDEMNS the crime of the abduction of children and expresses its deep sympathy with the Greek Boy Scouts Association (Soma Hellinon Proskopon) in the abduction from their homes of 28,000 Greek children, among whom are over 100 Boy Scouts; and b) PAYS HOMAGE to the magnificent work carried out by the Scouts of Greece in the successful development of Scouting despite great difficulties and, in particular, commends the outstanding work they have performed in service to children in refugee camps and in many tasks of social welfare and public service work.
  • 1949-16 Membership VoluntaryThe Conference affirms that the Scout Movement is based on the free adherence of the individual to the Scout Law, that the Scout Promise must be a voluntary act freely desired and undertaken, and that every Scout must live his Scouting by a free choice and not in obedience to constraint of any kind.
  • 1949-17 Maintenance of Health, Hygiene and Physical Training of ScoutsRECOMMENDS that at future World Scout gatherings such as Jamborees and Moots there should be held as incidental to the programme a meeting of Scouter-doctors or public health officers to discuss matters of mutual interest and in particular the proper maintenance of the health, hygiene and physical training of Scouts.
  • 1949-18 Jamborees, ParticipationWith reference to Resolution 1947-15 of the 11th International Scout Conference concerning participation of non-Scouts in international Scout gatherings, the Conference reaffirms the decision then taken but agrees that occasional exceptions may be made to the general rule provided that the following two conditions are complied with: a) The international gathering concerned is not one officially organized under the aegis of the International Conference (Jamborees, Moots, etc.) but that it is only a gathering of limited scope organized by a Member Association of the Conference. b) That the list of those invited from outside Scouting is notified well in advance to the other Scout associations participating and to the International Bureau.
  • 1949-19 Removed From RecordNote: It was decided by vote to that Resolution 1949-19 be removed from the record.
  • 1949-20A Registration Fee ArrearsRECOMMENDS that the work of the International Bureau should not be hampered by lack of funds, and urges all member Associations to pay their registration fees promptly and in full. If this is not done, the Bureau will be forced to limit its activities.
  • 1949-20B Registration FeesAGREES that the registration fee for 1950 shall be at the rate of £4 per 1,000 members, but expresses the hope that an increasing income from registration fees based on active member- ship and from other sources may enable the International Committee to reduce the rate of payment for the year 1951, in the absence of unforeseen events.
  • 1949-20C Voluntary ContributionsEXPRESSES the hope that it may be possible for more member Associations to make ex-gratia payments in order to restore the Reserve Fund.
  • 1949-20D Deputy Director of International BureauRECOMMENDS that no permanent appointment should be made of a Deputy Director of the International Bureau at this time, but that when a successor to a Director is required owing to his prospective retirement, provision should be made in the Budget for the appointment of a Deputy, who would normally become Director in due course.
  • 1949-20E Travelling CommissionerRECOMMENDS that no permanent appointment of a Travelling Commissioner should be made, but that a number of such Commissioners, not exceeding three at any one time, may be appointed on a temporary basis. The possibility of obtaining voluntary helpers for specific tasks or from Scouters of neighbouring countries should not be overlooked.
  • 1949-20F Supporting the “Jamboree” JournalRECOMMENDS that, with a view to increasing the circulation of " Jamboree " and making it selfsupporting, every effort should be made by member Associations to supply articles of practical and topical interest to Scouters and member Associations are urged to assist by encouraging their adult members to become subscribers.
  • 1949-20G Financial Annual AccountsDESIRES that full details of payments made and not made by each member country shall form part of the annual accounts of the International Bureau.
  • 1949-21 World Old Scouts Associationa) RECOMMENDS that a special Old Scouts Committee be formed as suggested in the report on Old Scouts (pp. 51-53) to make further enquiries, to discuss any possible co-operation with a similar movement of the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Associations, and to work out-in conjunction with the International Bureau, the form and constitution and bye-laws of a World Old Scouts Association. b) FURTHER RECOMMENDS that this Committee should comprise the Director of the International Bureau, not more than two members of the International Committee and a small number of those possessing special knowledge of Old Scouts Associations or Branches, to be invited by the International Committee and to include representatives both of the independent Old Scout Associations and of Branches which are controlled by their National Scout Associations. c) SUGGESTS that the principal aims of the proposed World Old Scouts Association should be as set out in Resolution 1947-22 of the 11th International Scout Conference (P:P:P, No. 96). d) ASKS that this Committee on Old Scouts should report its findings to the International Committee to be placed before the next meeting of the International Conference.
  • 1949-22 Rover Scoutsa) RECOMMENDS the establishment of a panel consisting of at least three members of different countries to be invited by the International Committee, to study fully the actual situation of Rover Scout work in member Associations, to review the principles and aims of Rover Scouting and to submit its findings to the International Committee. b) ASKS the Director of the International Bureau and the Camp Chief at Gilwell Park to study further the syllabus of the Rover Wood Badge Course with the assistance of the National Training Commissioners and Rover Deputy Camp Chiefs. c) RECOMMENDS that the age limits for future Rover Moots should be from 18 years to 25 years inclusive.
  • 1949-23 World Gatherings, Frequencya) The Conference recommends that future world Scout gatherings be organized to give a regular sequence of World Jamborees, World Rover Scout Moots and world meetings of Scouters of all branches, thus: World Jamborees at four-year intervals, World Rover Scout Moots at four-year intervals, with Jamborees and Rover Moots alternating at two-year intervals, and additionally, world meetings for Scouters in each four-year period but not in the same year as any World Jamboree or Rover Moot, and proposed that the first such meeting be held in 1952. b) Meetings of the International Conference should continue to be held biennially in years when there is a World Jamboree or Rover Moot.
  • 1949-24 World Jamboree and International Conference 1951ACCEPTS with great pleasure the kind invitation from Austria to organize the 7th World Jamboree and 13th International Conference during the summer of 1951, and also THANKS the Danish Scouts most warmly for their invitation.
  • 1949-25 International Commissioners MeetingACCEPTS with great pleasure the joint invitation from the member Associations of Portugal for an informal meeting of International Commissioners during September, 1950.
  • 1949-26 Conference of Leaders in CubbingACCEPTS with great pleasure the invitation presented by Great Britain to sponsor a Conference of Leaders in Cubbing in Scotland during the summer of 1950.
  • 1949-27 KeynoteWe rededicate ourselves to the principles of liberty and the freedom of peoples and nations. We believe that the cause of peace and understanding can effectively be served by encouraging the spirit of world brotherhood amongst the youth of the world through Scouting. Therefore we, the delegates of our respective national Scout movements, pledge to the youth of the world our best efforts, consecrated service and full devotion. [2]

Omtalt i blant annet Lederen nr. 7, 1949 [1]

Valg og utnevninger

Utdelte hederstegn

Om teknisk gjennomføring

Rolf Lykken var arrangøransvarlig. [1]


Veivalg og diskusjon

For hver enkelt verdenskonferanse i WOSM har det til tider vært diskusjoner i forkant og etterkant, om endringer og forslag. Mange vedtak og gjennomføringen av disse har gitt viktige veivalg for utviklingen i speidingen. Her skal forsøke å gjengi en del av dette. Se hvert enkelt Verdenskonferanser i WOSM. Har du flere opplysninger? Bidra selv, eller send oss en e-post [2]

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