28. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

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28. verdenskonferanse
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Arrangør: WOSMlogo.jpg WOSM
Sted: Dakar
Land: Flagg Senegal.png Senegal
Deltagertall: 74 nasjoner
Dato 10.14. august 1981 [1]

28. verdenskonferanse i WOSM

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74 nasjoner.

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Saker og resolusjoner

WOSMlogo.jpg Det ble vedtatt følgende resolusjoner under 28. verdenskonferanse i WOSM, opplysninger fra nettstedet til WOSM, scout.org:

  • 1981-01 (a) Registration of Member OrganizationsThe Conference records with pleasure the registration as Member National Organizations of the World Organization of the Scout Movement since its last meeting of: Effective 31 December 1980 - Yemen Scout Association Effective 31 December 1980 - Boy Scouts Association of Zimbabwe Effective 1 July 1981 - The Brunei State Scout Association
  • 1981-01 (b) CancellationThe Conference records with regret the dissolution of the National Scout Organization of Afghanistan in August 1978: Da Afghanistan Zaranduy Tolanah.
  • 1981-02 Registration FeesThe Conference accepts the recommendation of the World Committee that the present annual registration fee remain in force for the two fiscal years 1981/1982 and 1982/1983, that the rate of fee for these years remain at 28 Swiss centimes per uniformed member, and that the population data to which it applies be unchanged.
  • 1981-03 Financial CommitmentsThe Conference views with deep concern the situation where so many Member Associations have not met their financial commitments to the World Organization. The Conference requests the World Committee to take urgent steps to resolve this situation with each country concerned appropriate to the circumstances.
  • 1981-04 Year of the Scouta) The Conference notes with pleasure the work so far undertaken to plan for the Year of the Scout and compliments the World Committee Task Force and all others involved in the preparatory work. The Conference urges all member countries to establish their plans for the celebration before the end of 1981; to advise the World Bureau of their national programme and to do their best to participate in the world level celebration of the Anniversary. b) The 28th World Scout Conference expresses the wish that all events planned to take place within the framework of the 75th Anniversary of World Scouting should be organized in cooperation with WAGGGS whenever possible.
  • 1981-05 Recognition by the World Organization of the Scout Movementa) In exercising its responsibility under Article VI of the Constitution of the World Organization, the World Committee shall additionally satisfy itself that the national Scout organization is in a politically independent country and that, by the quality of its leadership, the organization of its leader training, the size of its membership and its resources, it is self-sufficient and capable of providing adequate services to its members and assuming all duties and responsibilities of a Member Organization. These conditions will ordinarily require a membership of the order of 1,000 or more. b) A national Scout organization in a politically independent country which cannot fully meet these requirements, but would otherwise meet the requirements of Article V(3) may, upon application and at the discretion of the World Committee, be placed upon an Official List as evidence of its recognition by the World Organization of the Scout Movement, and so reported to the World Conference. c) Pursuant to paragraph (b) and before national Scout organizations are placed on the Official List, the Conference requests the World Committee to set down, for its consideration at the 1983 World Scout Conference, the rights and obligations of organizations placed on the Official List. d) Nothing in this resolution shall affect the rights and privileges of those recognized as members of the World Scout Conference at the time this resolution is adopted.
  • 1981-06 Young Foreigners Living in Other CountriesThe Conference recommends to National Associations to do all they can to help young foreigners living in their countries to integrate into their Associations, taking care always to preserve and develop their cultural identity with the aim of a better mutual understanding and the recognition of such differences as having a positive value.
  • 1981-07 Community DevelopmentThe Conference, Considering the effective job done by the Community Development Service of the World Scout Bureau in the distribution of educational material in their field of competence, and the updating of this material to the needs of the various organizations, in the third world in particular, and in the world in general, Considering that the various seminars which have been organized in the field of community development, training and programme, help to create a source of new life in the Scout Movement, Wishes to encourage the WSB and its personnel responsible for this kind of work, to continue their work with determination, Urges them to develop the practical implementation of programme and training in the field, Encourages the Regional Offices to involve themselves in all such activities in order to ensure their constant improvement.
  • 1981-08 TrainingHaving considered the results of the implementation of the World Training Policy introduced in Helsinki in 1969 and further developed in Montreal in 1977; the World Conference re-affirms that this policy, based upon the principle of maintaining unity through voluntary acceptance of common objectives, and ensuring appropriate adaptation to the needs of national Scout organizations, is the most suitable approach for supporting the developments of Adult Leader Training; Urges all components of the World Organization - Regional and World Training Committees, World Bureau Services at regional and world level to continue to provide assistance to national organizations in their effort to fulfil their obligations as regards Adult Leader Training; And underlines that particular attention should be given to the development of specialized training for Leaders of Adults, the production of suitable training material at national level and to the collection and use of information to improve the management of training.
  • 1981-09 International Commissioners HandbookThe Conference requests the World Committee to revise and update the International Commissioners Handbook and issue a copy to all Member Associations by November 1982.
  • 1981-10 Guide/Scout RelationsThe Conference having discussed recent developments in Guide/Scout relations: a) Recognizes the fact that local conditions are such that associations practising coeducation take a variety of forms, and thus calls for all associations to respect the point of view of other associations on coeducational matters; b) Urges the World Committee and all its subsidiary bodies to take into account the different types of coeducation in Member Countries; c) Recommends to Member Associations that whenever invitations to events with international participation are issued, they should allow groups composed of girls and boys to participate on an equal footing whenever appropriate to the culture of the host country, and to state clearly in the invitation any limitations concerning the participation of groups composed of girls and boys.
  • 1981-11 Mechanism for Guide/Scout CooperationConsidering the current evolution in the situation of youth in various parts of the world, Considering the variety of situations - single, joint or merged - in the various Member Associations of the two World Organizations, Considering Scout/Guide cooperation as a matter of prime importance and priority for the harmonious development of Member Associations in a large number of countries, Considering that the present mechanism for Guide/Scout cooperation, and particularly the functions assigned to the World Guide and Scout Consultative Committee, is no longer capable of such a harmonious development, The Conference requests the World Scout Committee to take all possible actions to ensure that a mechanism be established, which is capable of providing a more effective, harmonious and practical cooperation adapted to the needs of the associations. The Conference further requests the World Scout Committee to keep Member Associations informed of its work and to report on its progress at the next World Conference.
  • 1981-12 World Scout FoundationThe Conference, having taken note with satisfaction of the results of the Resolution passed at the last World Conference in support of the World Scout Foundation and wishing to reinforce that Resolution, recommends that: - Member National Organizations involve directly the Scout membership in the anniversary celebration, which, as demonstrated by the success achieved by some Associations can not only yield substantial financial proceeds but also enhance the public image of Scouting and the boys’ awareness of the international brotherhood. - Scout leadership in every nation approach their governments to request sharing of the proceeds of the issue of Scout anniversary stamps and of other projects involving governments.
  • 1981-13 International Decade for Drinking Water and Sanitation 1981-1990Water being the base of all development action, the World Scout Conference asks all national associations to support the efforts of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for this important decade of action.
  • 1981-14 International Youth YearThe Conference resolves that the World Organization of the Scout Movement will play an important role to ensure the success of the "International Youth Year", the theme of which is “Participation, Development, Peace”. The Conference encourages national Scout associations to both participate in the National Youth Committees that may be established for the occasion and to undertake special programmes within the context of the I.Y.Y., starting from 1982 onwards. [1]

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